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Greta and her brother, Gus, are Flat-Coated Retrievers and German Shepherd Mixes. They are about 35 lbs. and about 15 weeks old; DOB: 03-31-19. They were found on a Louisiana roadside sitting beside their deceased mother and sibling. Apparently they had been dumped and the poor Mother got hit and killed by a car! Most of us don’t know that the true rescuers are not with a rescue group, they are kind hearted people that stop and pick up dogs and understand that they will need to find a rescue to help them; this is the rescue story for Greta and Gus, a kind special kind hearted woman stopped and picked them up. Greta is an intelligent girl and is the perfect mix of a delightful, charming, sweet & spunk in one ball of fur! She loves to play with toys of all shapes and sizes, but isn’t picky, a pair of old socks tied together is equally as exciting for her! Just like children, puppies are babies also, therefore, children need to be supervised when they are with any puppy or dog. Children can be unpredictable and dogs sometimes don’t understand their quick impulsive behavior. Flat-Coated Retrievers at first glance might resemble a black or brown Golden Retriever, but no such thing. She's a distinctive breed, her early popularity, which peaked before World War I, was eclipsed by that of the Golden and Labrador Retrievers, but her fans think that's for the best, preferring to keep the secret of his fun-loving yet hard-working nature to themselves. German Shepherds are fierce but friendly, and have a calm confidence that may seem kind of reserved. When in need, however, a German Shepherd is instantly ready to protect, play a game or perform a task—in some cases as a guard dog, police dog, herder or seeing eye dog. With a strong work ethic and an eager intelligence, GS breeds are good with other dogs and children especially if they have been exposure to them.If you are interested in adopting Greta, please visit our website and fill out an application at: http://www.rescuedogvillage.com. (860) 582-1256 BALTIC, CT
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