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I have three female leopard geckos, including a Blizzard morph. They're about 3-4 years old, and I've had them in my 4th grade classroom for almost 3 years. They're wonderful pets, and the kids love them, but they've become too burdensome to transport back and forth during vacations and summers.They come with a COMPLETE home habitat.... a 36w x 18d x 13h glass tank with hinged heavy-duty cat-proof screen top, 2 green liner mats, shed rock, 3 hideaways, 2 wood tunnels, overhead heat lamp, under-tank heating mat, water dish, calcium dish, plastic plants, a separate cricket cage, and a box of miscellaneous supplies. The bottom glass of the tank is cracked, but is securely taped.I have posted some pictures here... Diamond, the Blizzard morph, is finishing up a shed. Her tail fell off a couple years ago (a normal defense mechanism), but it has grown back in a "diamond" shape :-).If you are interested and would like more pictures, please contact me and I would be happy to send them to you. I have a mask to wear when I help you bring everything to your vehicle! $150. (203) 676-5287 GUILFORD, CT
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